21:1 Everyone has a different form of fighting and you must find what works well for you’re being.

21:2 Arda is both offensive, and defensive.

21:3 The one who moves swiftly in the rhythm of combat will be the victor.

21:4 Learn the art of fighting from everywhere.

21:5 Learn to be at one with yourself, so that you can attack with all parts of your soul.

21:6 Attack the weak spots of your opponent on every level.

21:7 Fight without fighting incapacitating people without touching them.

21:8 Never be where they thing you are.

21:9 Show no mercy, and do not hesitate once there is no turning back, it is you, or your enemy.

21:10 Examine yourself, and your enemy, and compare your strengths, and weaknesses. shape your strategy around the strategy of your opponent.

21:11 Put all your energy into your attacks, push through them and then call it back.

21:12 If you are weaker than your enemy you should avoid them.

21:13 If you are stronger than your enemy you should attack them.

21:14 A Zagapa is a tool of a practitioner of Arda, a stick that is crafted to the practitioners liking, and enchanted with their will.

21:15 Trendsend your own power by entering Xauknava, and focre the mind in Mushin.

21:16 Do not be Reckless.

21:17 Do not be cowardly.

21:18 Have control over your anger.

21:19 Strengthen the body.

21:20 Strengthen the mind.

21:21 Strengthen the spirit.

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