19:1 Talabalabadaja is the path of knowledge.

19:2 Take what you can from Talabalabadaja, or individualize it to suit your individual needs.

19:3 Viadescioism also referred to as Talabalabadaja is the spiritual philosophy that focuses on understanding existence physically, spiritually, and mentally.

19:4 This philosophy focuses more on individuals, and putting power into their hands, so that they are able to, explore, learn, and experience their own divine being, and better themselves, and their well-being.

19:5 Viadescioism understands that there are many different pathways back to the same source, and that it is simply one of many.

19:6 It understands that there are many different forms of divinity, that are manifestations of the same whole.

19:7 Viadescioic knowledge, and understanding of practices are open to everyone, and are not meant to be forced upon anyone.

19:8 Viadescioism can also be connected to any other school of thought, beliefs system, or even religion.

19:9 The viadescioist can choose if they are a theist, or not, and can interact with deity in their own way, but the individual should keep their focus on Viadescioic metaphysics, Viadescioic ethics, and how to improve both of them with new forms of knowledge.

19:10  Viadescioism is decentralized, and has no authoritative hierarchy.

19:11 There is no need for initiation, one must only learn from the understandings.

19:12 For everyone who takes up these teachings Are Family, and are connected by their common belief.

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