My sigils are created for my own personal practice, and are made using the ravens of antimony. My practice is a combination of all that I have learned, but in regards to sigil craft it does come from chaos magick. I use the Austin Osman spare method, though I use my own alphabet of desire, and really take the time to meld aspects of the Ravens into each other in abstract ways. I make the sigils with gimp 2 and paint tool Sai, and the creation process can take anywhere from a half an hour, to an hour. It’s perfectly all right for anyone to use my sigils in any form of way that they would like, but if you are going to use them for commercial use I would like credit for my work. Presently as writing this I do not have a space where all my sigils are located, and they can be found strewn around the internet, but primarily on Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. All of my sigils must go through the process of being charged, and activated in order to work.

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