Xauknava is a mental, and spiritual state in which an individual can enter into during a fight. Xauknava is a berserk like state of mind that can be triggered within an individual. This state grants the individual benefits if they are able to enter, and control the state. It is pretty much a state in which you call upon, either voluntarily, or involuntarily, your fight or flight response, which will go through the process of activating adrenaline, and other physical, and mental features in order to give you an advantage in a fight. Though in most cases the adrenaline, and other physical, and mental features activate on their own learning about it, keeping track of it, and even activating it yourself can help you to have better control over it. It is also not recommended to stay in the state for an extended period of time, or to use the state frequently, because it calls up your adrenaline, and too many adrenaline rushes can be bad for you.

There are three versions of this technique:


In the state the individual will black out when they enter the state, and will come to after the fight is over. May result in attacking allies, that may be fighting alongside you.


The individual will enter the state and will be able to control it enough to be present while they are fighting, though they will be fighting more angrily, and animalistically.


The individual will be able to enter the state, and to fight as normal, while gaining the benefits of this technique. This is usually achieved when it is used in conjunction with my concept of Baari.

The benefits of this technique are:

  • Increases one’s strength
  • Increases one’s speed
  • Temporarily turns off pain response
  • Temporarily turns off fear response
  • Sharpens mental focus of the individual, allowing them to think quickly

This day can be induced through:

  • The state can be induced through confrontation.
  • The connection to spiritual forces such as guides, and/or divines.
  • Visualizing intense, stressful, or traumatic events.
  • It could be induced through the use of drugs.

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