From the Basacama stance all practices of arda are done.

It is a southpaw stance in which the lead foot is matched with the main hand, or the hand that is clutching the weapon. This will maximizes reach, and speed.

It is an open stance which refers to the horizontal length between the feet, and requires you to split your legs shoulder-width apart allowing the stands to be stable though it does open you up to groin attacks.

It is also a long stance this refers to the vertical distance from the lead foot to the rear foot with the legs separated this provides the stance with stability.

It is also referred to as a high stance which means you’re not going to be bending your knee that much into your stance and are only going to slightly bend. This will give the stance more Mobility.

This stance is also backward-weighted. This means all of your weight is going to be on the back foot. it is also going to be the foot that you have your bend in as the other one goes straight to its location. This will allow you to push off of this foot in order to launch into attacks while also making it easy to retreat as necessary. The back foot should be on the ball of the foot and the front foot lays flat.

In the Stance it is important to keep your entire body relaxed and do only strain your body when you are being hit or attacking.

Within the stands you should bounce between your legs in order to promote Mobility and to keep your opponent guessing. You don’t have to do a lot of bouncing around you only need to find a rhythm and to gently move between your feet.

You should keep your pelvis positioned directly underneath your shoulders. This will allow a stronger defense, assist you in transferring force to your extremities, and improve balance.

In the practice of arda you use linear footwork which works perfectly with this stance allowing you to move in quickly, and to retreat effectively.

This stance is primarily built for speed, and accuracy which is what arda primarily focuses on. For the top half of your body your hand should be up and slightly out to protect your face with your elbows down to protect your body. Because of this your front hand is primarily going to be your hand for attack, while your back hand is going to primarily be your hand for defense. The head should be slightly tilted forward in order to protect it. You should do all of this, while keeping your eyes focused on your opponent.


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