Research is very important in the study of witchcraft. For not only finding reliable, and useful information, but also for having information on other subjects that may be able to help you in your practice. Research all you can on the subjects of magick, and witchcraft, because knowledge is power. You never know what you might need, or what you may interact with. Things outside of the scope of witchcraft and magick, such things as history, philosophy, and science, along with other things, can be very useful in your practice as it moves forward.

It is important to understand concepts inside, and out especially the ones that build your foundation for your practice, and understanding. A weak foundation may lead to needing to build up your foundation later, which may make pieces of your understanding, and practice fall away, or become obstacles to your interaction with truth, and growth. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself especially at the beginning with studying, but you will never know the full scope of what is out there until you have some form of context for it. So research at your own pace. Find the Rhythm that works for you, and go with it.

Read from sources that you find to be trustworthy then check the information against your experience, and other people’s work. Search for the truth in everything that you read, and come in contact with. Do not accept anything on anyone’s word, but challenge why that may be true. When researching always use multiple different sources, so that you are able to learn something from multiple people’s perspectives on it.

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