First learn about yourself, your philosophy, and your religion, so that you can understand what exactly makes you do things, and where you want to take your practice. Research Traditions such as chaos Magick, theosophy, the Golden Dawn, and traditional Witchcraft, along with others. Spend time learning the fundamental parts of occultism through Occult Philosophy, such things as the kybalion, Authentic Thaumaturgy: The Laws of Magic, and the Three Books of Occult Philosophy can help with this. Use your metaphysical knowledge to create new things such as spells and rituals for your magickal practice. Set up an altar, or Shrine in order to have a space in which is sacred to you, and your practice. Write down all of your knowledge in a place such as a book, or some form of computer file. Begin a regular practice of meditation and begin learning different ways of meditating in order to control your mind, body, and spirit. Your practice is your own my friend and there are many ways that you could go about advancing it. If you thirst for knowledge begin looking for knowledge in every aspect of the world, and seek out those who are wise and have knowledge, so that you can learn from them, and what they have done.

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