This post is about the difference between spells, and rituals as they relate to magick. It is important to remember that many forms of practices will include ritual, and spellwork in the same working, and because of that the difference between these two aspects can get very blurry. It is usually a combination of both spells, and rituals that go through the process of creating a magickal working.


Spells are the casting out of one’s will in order to manifest something. Spells are ritualistic meaning they can include activities involving gestures, words, actions, or objects performed in a specific sequence, but in the context of magick this ritualistic practice is not the same as ritual. Spells are able to be super elaborate, and do not have to be simple. The casting of a spell is referred to a spellwork, and the idea of spells is also connected to the idea of low magick.

Some forms of spells:

  • Banishing Spells
  • Love Spells
  • Money Spells
  • Protection Spells
  • Luck Spells
  • Cleansing spells
  • Curses


Rituals are a process of connecting, invoking, or honoring an aspect of existence, or a spiritual entity, such as a deity. Rituals do not simply refer to ritualistic acts, or elaborate magickal works, and can be simple in the context of magick. The execution of ritual is known as ritual, and the idea of ritual is usually connected to a the understandings of high magick. It is also important to note that sometimes in the magickal community we refer to our magickal workings as a whole also as a ritual, but this seems to be more in context to it being a ritualistic working, and is not the same as ritual as we are using it here.

Some forms of rituals:

  • Calling on elemental powers
  • Creating sacred space
  • Centering and grounding
  • Summoning an entity
  • Invoking deity
  • Creating a thoughtform
  • A ritual for the ancestors
  • Full Moon ritual

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