It’s sort of matters, casting a circle in the shape of a circle will provides certain benefits that you may not get with other shapes, though you are able to cast different shapes such as a square, or triangle.

  • Circles provide even protection around a specific point.
  • Circles are one of the strongest shapes.
  • Circles provide energy to flow in a circular cycle which allows the energy not to get stuck in any corners, and to flow evenly.
  • Circles also allow the cone of power to build up through the amount of energy that moves in the circular pattern.
  • The circle is a perfectly symmetric shape, and is the largest area for a given length of perimeter.
  • Circular, and spherical objects hold stronger against inner and outer pressure, and is the natural shape that energy pools into in a void.
  • All sides are equally protected, and take the same amount of force to break.

Where the other shapes do also have their own benefits the circle is pretty good in the sense of protection, and power raising, which seems to be why it is use the most. All of these properties make it a perfect shape to use in order to mark space, though you can go through the process of casting a square, or triangle, or any other shape. You’ll just lose out on certain properties and gain other ones. Like the act of casting a square connects you more to the physical plane of existence, and is very grounding, and is connected to the elements, and the act of casting a triangle is more used for binding entities, because it allows energy to pool in its corners, and has the smallest number of sides to protect.

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