In order to do this you would need to bring your phone into your magickal working space, so that you will be able to incorporate It in your spell, or ritual. These devices can be incorporated into your working in different ways, but one of the main ways is to use it as a source of power, much like you would use a candle. This can be done because phones much like candles, and other electronic devices emit power from their usage, and during the ritual, or spell you will be able to use energy work, or other forms of method to put it into your magical working. You would also be able to put different things on your phone, such as changing the screen to a solid color, or picture of your intention in order to focus the power of the device. This will work like dressing a candle, and would help power your will by aligning the power of the phone with your intention helping you to be able to empower your will through its usage.

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