My first religion was Lutheran Christian, but I started to lose Faith with it as there were many questions that Christianity did not answer. Shortly after I started my practice of energy work, psionics, and martial arts. I eventually came in contact with the new age community, and then I considered myself a new ager for a while. After that I went to paganism, before eventually creating my own personal religion. My faith is known as Viadescioism, and it is a religion that I have created for my own practice. Viadescioism is based on the understandings gathered from the tetraktys, also referred to as the Xalaqa in my practice. I am devoted to 10 divine emanations which are archetypes of divinity. I refer to these divine emanations as Oxakna, Damakna, Dasakna, Madaqa, Ladaqa, Sadaqa, Uknayamasa, Naknayamasa, Shaknayamasa, and Daknayamasa. In my religion I also uphold 10 virtues which are Xaoxa(Apotheosis), Najaar(Philosophia), Eudaimonia(Umao), A’jau(Philotimon), Laarda(Isoropia), Tau(Sophrosyne), Vadaska(Eleutheria), Davaabt(Humility), Xaeua(Agapi), and Abtgha(Stoicism). My religion is primarily focused on learning, and understanding the world, divinity, and myself. Along with the divines I also focus on connecting with my Oxaskada(Higher Self ) to achieve the top virtue of Xaoxa(Apotheosis) through a form of enlightenment, and self-realization. Besides all of this what is important are the lessons, and teachings that are gathered, and the most important of these are put under the name of Obakna(Divine laws).

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