From experiencing the other planes of existence as you can learn and experience a multitude of different things, Such as:

  • You are able to communicate with ascended masters, spirit guides, deities, ancestors, and loved ones who have passed over.
  • You are able to meet new spiritual entities, that you may be able to work with.
  • You are able to create an astral Temple.
  • Having a space to work magick from that is in a spiritual place, rather than a physical place.
  • Being able to journey through with the spiritual World in order to learn lessons, and gain insights about the world and the human condition.
  • Mapping the spiritual world, realms, and spiritual planes of existences.
  • You are able learn more about the afterlife.
  • You are able to go to locations which you do not have access to in your physical body.
  • You are able to explore past, and future events.
  • You are able to go meet up with other practitioners within the other planes.
  • You are able interact with other people’s dreams.
  • And much more.

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