The ravens of antimony took a month to create. I spent a long time planning out exactly how I was going to go through the process of creating an alphabet of desire, and how I was going to craft the sigils to be something unique, and special to me, and my practice. I spent days crafting the physical representation using various different forms of sigil creation in order to connect their forms to the concepts I wanted them to purvey. Because of how many methods were used, and because I did not take any records, I’m not entirely sure how the forms of the ravens of antimony exactly came to be that way. All I know is I wanted their forms to reflect the concepts in certain subtle ways. I eventually ended up with 36 different sigils in which I wanted to use as the physical housing of 36 different servitors. I decided to make these servitor ravens, due to the fact that two of my other servitors beforehand were also in the shape of ravens, and I always liked the symbolism of the raven, and the wolf.

Once the physical representations were created a ritual on the full moon was used to charge the sigils, and to bring their servitor forms into existence. First I took the time to draw all over their sigils upon a piece of wood in which I refer to as their main housing.

This ritual lasted for a very long period of time where I slowly, and meticulously crafted each energetic form of the servitors, and gave them their name, purpose, and understanding, while connecting them to their aspect they were supposed to represent. I also added their personal sigils to their spiritual representation, so that I would be able to tell them all apart, and I also added the antimony symbol to the back of their spiritual representation in order to tell that they were mine.

After their physical, and spiritual forms were connected I gave them more energy through various charging methods, including charging them with my own blood. Once all charged up with energy I put their main housing into a box with selenite crystals, so that they would be able to build up more energy over time even before their first use.

Original housing of the Ravens of antimony

During that month I also spent a lot of time meditating with them, so that I would be sure that they were living up to my expectations, and desires for what I wanted them to become. I also asked my other servitor Carita to watch over them in their developmental process in order to make sure none of them went rogue, or anything else.

Eventually I began to use the Ravens of antimony in my practice to create my sigils, to help me with my magick. I also eventually started putting them around my sigils in a circle known as the raven’s Nest.

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