This is a list of common misconceptions that are not true about magick, the occult, and witchcraft. This is not a fully fleshed-out list, and I will add to it as I find more things.

  • Witches aren’t real.
  • Witches are mythical creatures.
  • All witches are devil worshippers.
  • No witches worship the devil.
  • Witches are evil.
  • All witches are wiccans.
  • Wicca and Witchcraft are the same thing.
  • All witches practice animal sacrifice.
  • No witches practice animal sacrifice.
  • Witches do not have an understanding of science.
  • All witches believe in some form of deity.
  • There are no abrahamic witches.
  • Magick is supernatural.
  • Witches don’t cast curses.
  • All witches do is cast curses.
  • Witches are born, and not made.
  • Your ancestors have to have been witches for you to be one.
  • Practicing witchcraft is expensive.
  • Ouija boards are more dangerous than any other form of divination.
  • Possession is very common.
  • Men can’t be witches, and are call warlocks, or wizards.
  • All witches believe in the same thing.
  • Magick works on belief.
  • Magick is all intention.
  • That there were legitimate witchcraft practitioners at the salem witch trials.
  • That spells work in immediate, and fantastical way, much like the movies.
  • Traditional, ancient, cultural and/or eastern information is more authentic, legitament, and real, Then all other forms.
  • Magickal practitioners are required to be in covens.
  • You will be able to get anything you want through magick.
  • “black” or “white” witches or magick is real.
  • You shouldn’t use magick for personal gain.
  • Magick should not violate anyone’s free will.
  • The words cult and occult are interchangeable.
  • Occultists agree on the basics.
  • That magick isn’t real.
  • Magick is a requirement to be an occultist.
  • That charging for spell work, divination services or for spell supplies is morally wrong.
  • Prewritten spells are more effective then the ones you create yourself.
  • Experienced witches know everything about witchcraft.

If anyone has any more I would love to hear them so I could add to this list.

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