In Viadescioism, apart from the 10 main divines there are also minor divines that are underneath the four divines of the tetrad. These minor divines are controlled by the Divine that are above them in the tetrad. Minor divines come from the aspects of the divine they are under, because of this the list is not complete.Divines under Uknayamasa, god of fire:

Thadamasa = God of war and combat
Imasa = God of strength and power
Maxamasa = God of victory
Emasa = God of sex and lust
Mamasa = God of the sun
Maknamasa = God of light
Damamasa = God of day
Daknamasa = God of metalworking
Pamasa = God of pain, misery, and suffering

Divines under Naknayamasa, god of air:

Arumasa = God of art, music, and writing
Jamasa = God of education, knowledge, wisdom, and truth
Adamasa = God of strategy
Lamasa = God of marriage, kinship, oaths, and relationships
Dalamasa = God of travel
Ladamasa = God of trade
Laknamasa = God of language, and communication
Onamasa = God of the Sky
Oimasa = God of weather
Lalamasa = God of law, order, and justice
Sathamasa = God of chaos, discord, and madness
A`knamasa = God of employment
Ardaknamasa = God of technology 

Divines under Shaknayamasa, goddess of water:

Oshamasa = Goddess of the moon
Eua’masa = Goddess of love
Shamasa = Goddess of health
Safamasa = Goddess of sleep, dreams, rest, and relaxation
Ushamasa = Goddess of beauty
Shaskamasa = Goddess of peace, compassion, mercy, and kindness
Dashaknamasa = Goddess of bodies of water
Dadamasa = Goddess of longevity, eternity, time, and fate
Malalasamasa = Goddess of liminality
Skamasa = Goddess of life

Divines under Daknayamasa, goddess of earth:

Daknadamasa = Goddess of the Earth
Knaxajamasa = Goddess of magick
Ghaarskamasa = Goddess of hunting
Arskamasa = Goddess of animals
Maskamasa = Goddess of vegetation, agriculture, and harvests
Oskamasa = Goddess of fertility, and childbirth
Famamasa = Goddess of luck
Cadamasa = Goddess of the hearth and household
Cadaknamasa = Goddess of clans or nations
Abtmasa = Goddess of death
Sapamasa = Goddess of plague, and sickness
Eknamasa = Goddess of wealth
Saoimasa = Goddess of natural disasters
Sadaknamasa = Goddess of poisons, radiation, and toxicity 
Samasa = Goddess of darkness
Tamasa = Goddess of night
Dadaknamasa = Goddess of land
Camasa = Goddess of protection

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