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In my understanding I found sigils to be symbols that are used for a magickal purpose, while representing an intent, construct, or entity. The etymology of the word sigil comes from the Latin word “Sigillum” which was defined as a sign, mark, seal, or signet. It also may have been connected to the Hebrew word סגולה (segula) meaning word, action, charm, or talisman. It is also important to remember that there is a difference between symbols, and sigils, and as I see it not all symbols are sigils, but all sigils are a form of symbol. Symbols are simply constructs that are used to convey ideas, and beliefs, and sigils are symbols used for a magickal purpose, while also representing an intent, construct, or entity. Most of the time sigils are simply written glyphs that have a magickal purpose, but sigils can also be objects, sounds, or words that are unique, and organized in a specific way. Sigils take many different forms, and because of this can be quite versatile in the different ways in which they appear, and are used within magickal practices.

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