This is one of the most popular forms of sigil making, and was first introduced by Austin Osman Spare in his practices of chaos magick. It was also thought to be inspired from Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s work in the third book of Occult Philosophy which communicated how to create sigils for entities through the use of their name. For this method you are going to need to take your statement of intent, and make a ligature out of the letters that are found within it. This process literally allows you to turn your statement of intent into the sigil that is representing it letting it act as the symbol in which your desires are manifested from.

First take your statement of intent:

E.g  I acquire money this week

Then we are going to go through the process of removing the vowels, and repeating letters in order to make the statement of intent shorter, and more manageable to work with. If you have a ridiculously long statement of intent I would recommend working with the first letter of every word, while also getting rid of repeating letters. If the statement of intent is very short you can use the entire statement of intent including vowels, and repeating letters in order to maximize the amount of letters that you will be able to work with. You do not need to go through the process of getting rid of letters, or vowels, if you do not want to. This is simply a way of making the statement of intent more manageable for the next steps, allowing you to keep the amount of letters that you are working with at a good workable amount. When you are done with this process you should have an assortment of letters from your statement of intent, that you will be able to use to further create your sigil. It will look something like this:


Once at this step you could go through the process of changing your letters into a different alphabet, if you would like to. Lastly, we are going to make a ligature out of the letters that we have in order to form our sigil. You can combine them in any way that you see fit though it is important to try to create a sigil that does not simply look like a combination of letters, and instead looks like something unique, and all its own. After you are done combining the letters together you can also add accents, dots, and, lines, along with other things to spruce up the sigil design a little bit in order to make it look like its own unique symbol. Feel free to morph, and flip around the letters in order to make very interesting designs using them, the sky is really the limit with how much creative ways you can go about making these letters come together. You can make many different drafts of this sigil until you end up with one that you like. This may take some time to get right depending upon your proficiency in sigilcraft. It will probably end up looking something like this depending upon how you choose to combine the letters:

Once you are done with the process you will be able to place the sigil, and charge, and activate it in order to use it in your working.

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