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You can use automatic writing in order to create sigils through your own psychic intuition or from the impressions you get from channeling entities. To do this all you need is a piece of paper, and a writing utensil, and to find a quiet space in order to enter into a trance-like meditative state. In the quiet meditative place take a few moments to relax yourself, so that you will be at peace, and will more easily feel into things around you. You may want to close your eyes, or keep your eyes open depending upon your personal preference for relaxing into meditative states. Remember to breathe during this process in order to lull yourself into a deep trance like state. Once you have done this for a few minutes, and feel that you are in a deep trance you can call upon an entity if you would like, though you would be able to go through this process with only using your intuition.

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