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When you are using your sigils in the most effective manner possible it is important to take into consideration sigil placement. Positioning sigils in different places can allow them to affect, and manifest their intended intentions in different ways. Such things as distance from the target there trying to affect, and if people can see, or interact with it simply can bring new variables into your manifestation process that you may have not planned for. By understanding certain ways of placing your sigils depending upon its intention you will more greatly have control over your sigils manifestation. These understandings are really only used for passively activated sigils, because they will stay around in certain positions, and because of this will be relative to other things in the environment, which will interact, and impact them. The power of a Sigil is released from the center outwards, starting with the sigil its self, then what is placed upon, and finally moving on to what is surrounding it. This power is then sent out to its target, so that it can manifest your will.

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