This is a common list of yes or no questions about witchcraft:

  • Are witches real? Yes
  • Is witchcraft real? Yes
  • Can witches cast magic like in the movies? No
  • Do magick spells work? Yes
  • Do I have to believe in magic for it to work? No
  • Can males be witches? Yes
  • Isn’t a male witch called a warlock? No
  • Can anyone be a witch? Yes
  • Is Wicca and Witchcraft the Same Thing? No
  • Are all witches Wiccan? No
  • Do all witches curse? No
  • Can christians be witches? Yes
  • Can atheists be witches? Yes
  • Do all Witches practice their religion the same way? No
  • Do all witches worship the devil? No
  • Do all Witches believe in the threefold law? No
  • Is witchcraft evil? No
  • Do you need tools to practice? No
  • Do Witches have a bible? No
  • Do I have to worship nature to be a witch? No
  • Do you have to have a religion to be witch? No
  • Is witchcraft a “cult”? No
  • Do witches cast spells? Yes

This list is not complete and I will add more to it as I find them.

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