The death ritual is a practice for helping things pass over after they have died, and it will provide them with safe passage. It is a way of honoring the dead, and showing them reverence.

1) First you must come in contact with an aspect that is of, or represents the individual who is passed, such as their body, a picture of them, something they have come in contact with, or something they own.

2) Upon that item you are going to want to cast a makna blessing, which I have written about earlier.

3) Once you have blessed the aspect that is of, or represents the individual place your hand over it and point at it with your pointer and middle finger extended. Say something to the effect of “go now enjoying all of the others who have fallen.”

4) Move your pointing hand towards the sky while you do visualize the kna of that individual moving up with your hand. Then say “Take them now Sadaqa it is their time.”

5) Then with great force swing your arm down towards the item aspect that is of, or represents the individual, and visualize their kna dispersing.

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  1. Interesting, and I like it, but what culture or history has a god or goddess called Sadaqa? I only know of it as the Arabic word for charity or benevolence. And what is a manka blessing – what source is that from?


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