A magick deal is a magick technique for ensuring that individuals do not break deals through the disincentive of being cursed if an individual does not hold up their end of the deal. The curse is applied to both parties in the agreement, and if either individual breaks the deal they will be the individual to receive the curse. If the deal is completed the power from the magical deal will bless both parties instead of cursing anyone. For this to work effectively both parties have to be willing to go through the spell. This is a simplified technique and because of this, it is not very powerful though this understanding can be taken to some interesting levels. One of the individuals in the agreement can do the spell or both of them can do it at the same time. Both of them doing it will results in a stronger spell.

1) First, you are going to want to draw or visualized the Sigil of deal-making on the palm of your hand.

2) Visualize the sigil after it has been drawn as glowing and sucking in power from all directions while your hand is open wide.

3) Talk over the deal with the person, so that both parties understand what they are engaging in, and to power the will of the spell with the deal. Give good concise objectives for completing the deal so that the deal can be completed.

4) Once everything has been worked out make them shake your hand, but in the middle of the handshake grab hand tight and say “Ba VA Ba Sa Ba VA Ba Ma” and then let go of their hand. This will go through the process of sealing the deal.

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