The act of a kna strike can be done with any part of the body, and can be done with any form of tool and is a way of striking with every part of your being the physical, mental, and spiritual in a united fashion. It is not some form of Supernatural ability but is the moving forward of your full being with intention. physically moving your body perfectly with your Technique, focusing your mind on what you are doing while being present in that moment, and spiritually connecting to your opponent

In order to kna strike effectively you must move the strike throughout your entire body through a technique that will be able to give you the speed, and power you need in order to strike your opponent. First focus on your technique, then add speed, then add power until you have truly mastered the technique. Form up the habit of striking in this way, so that you are able to do it automatically from any part of your body.

Every attack is a full use of your will, and bodies, and must be a reflection of your entire skaknao expressing itself. This is an explosive combination of strikes which comes from the correct movement of your entire body, mind and spirit.


For all of your strikes you’re going to want to pivot on your feet so that you can rotate your foot, hips, and shoulder for the strike. The power of your strike is generated from this rotation, and will also increase your speed if done properly. More force, and speed can be generated into a strike if you twist with every aspect of your body such as moving parts that are not striking with the momentum of the twist, such as moving your arms when you are kicking. Though it is important to also be able to keep your guard up while doing this twist.


It is important to strike in the simplest straight line that you can. This is so that you can get to your opponent quickly, and can also not telegraph your attacks. During the extension process your body should be loose, and relaxed, so that you are able to move your head quickly. Whatever you are striking with should flip out like a whip so that it can have a maximum amount of speed. During the extension your body should move forward in order to build up power for the strike.


You want your striking surface to be as small as possible without sacrificing solidity. In order to do this we usually target people with smaller parts of our body such as the first two knuckles. Once you make contact you also want to punch through your opponent. This will allow you to put all of your force into the strike. In order to do this it is important to aim on the opposite side of your opponent. Always swing through, or pierce your opponent with your strikes, and allow gravity to speed them up by striking at an angle.Your muscles should remain as relaxed as possible, until the last moment before contact, when you can tighten up and brace for impact. This will allow your attack to be quicker and to deliver its power. Once you make contact with the enemy you want to breathe out with your strikes. This is usually done by making a “ka”, “pa”, or “sa” sound with your mouth. This will allow you to tighten up your entire body, and to also prepare yourself for any counter-attacks. Each strike should be directed to the vital area.

Pull back:

After you attack pull yourself back as hard as you can so that you cannot be grabbed by your opponent and is ready for another attack. If you keep your weight properly distributed, and you’re not leaning too far forward, you’ll be able to relax and reset immediately.


During this entire process you want to see it in your mind’s eye, even if it is only for a second. This will allow your kna to follow your intention putting will and determination behind your strikes.

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