What it is: 

Saarda in arda is a way in which the arda of practitioner trains their skills. Individuals will strike the air continuously for an extended period of time. This will allow them to train their techniques, and build up muscle related to those techniques. It works like a form of fighting meditation which intern trains your mind, body, and spirit. Saarda is a fast-paced, total body workout that demands work from most of your muscles. Since shadow boxing does not involve a punching bag or person, your abs and back muscles are used more. That is because you stop the force of the punch yourself and maintain your balance. During Saarda you are also going to want to train your Baari and Xauknava states of mind by entering them during the process. This process can be done anywhere, and it can be done for any amount of time, but it would be the best to do it for 15 minutes or more.


  • It improves Technique.
  • It improves Coordination.
  • It improves Rhythm.
  • It improves Strategy.
  • It improves Strength.
  • It improves Endurance.
  • It improves Speed.
  • It improves Reflexes.
  • It improves Movement.
  • It improves Balance.
  • It improves Muscle Memory.
  • It Helps You Visualise.
  • It improves Mindfulness and Focus.
  • It enhances your head movement.
  • It improves your footwork.
  • It helps you visualize different types of opponents.
  • It makes you a more intelligent fighter.
  • It burns calories.

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