As I watch people create, and reuse my sigils I really get an interesting glimpse into how people interacting with things changes them overtime. From people slightly changing the overall intention to say the same thing, but in a different way, to people adding luxurious rituals onto the sigils themselves. Every person who goes through the process of interacting with my sigils, and even my craft add something on, and leaves a bit behind of their own essence. In most cases I would definitely see this is good as my sigils, and the things that I share are a living tradition in themselves, but sometimes when an individual adds misinformation, or mistakenly documents something in an incorrect way it leads to interesting discrepancies. Things such as the Ravens of antimony being written down incorrectly and then shared could give rise to non-traditional ravens or ravens that have two forms of sigils. Individuals divorcing me from my work by not providing credit, or sources which leads to people coming up with their own ideas where the sigils usually came from. Which for some reason makes everyone think they’re bind runes. 

This isn’t me complaining about people sharing or interacting with my work because I really do love that and respect everyone who has chosen to do so. It’s more so just interesting and I wanted to share my experience with it. Because for me, this could explain why and other magickal traditions, cultures, and other things can have random off shoots that seemed so far off from the original material.

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