• A1-101 The Axiom of Existence | Existence exists.
  • A1-150 The Axiom of I | I think, therefore I am.
  • A1-432 The Axiom of consciousness | Consciousness exists.
  • A1-154 The Axiom of Being | Constructs are themselves. Whatever is, is. Nothing can both be, and not be. Everything must either be, or not be. Nothing can be, and not be at the same time, and in the same respect. Everything that can exist exists in some form presently. That which exists will always exist, that which does not exist will never exist. Everything has its own unique characteristics, which makes it the same and different as other constructs.
  • A1-234 The Axiom of Causality | Everything has a cause and is an effect of that cause.
  • A1-568 The Axiom of Nothing | Nothing comes from nothing.
  • A1-324 The Axiom of Knowing | The universe is knowable and reality can be reliably and accurately modeled.
  • A1-433 The Axiom of Law | The universe is governed by immutable laws.
  • A1-454 The Axiom of Shared Reality | The laws apply equally at all places and times and for all observers.


  • B2-101 The Law of Perception | Consciousness perceives existence.
  • B2-878 The Law of Connection | All things are interrelated and interdependent; nothing exists in isolation.
  • B2-543 The law of the single substance | Everything is made out of one substance.
  • B2-546 The law of non-contradiction | The two propositions “A is B” and “A is not B” are mutually exclusive. The same causes in the same circumstances produce always the same effects.
  • B2-234 The Law of Infinite | There is an infinite number of things, that are unique in infinite aspects. The amount of information is unlimited, and there is always something to learn, create, or to be discovered, and there will always be something new.
  • B2-565 The Law of Entropy | Anything that is created will eventually be destroyed.
  • B2-236 The Law of Movement | Nothing rests; everything moves.
  • B2-943 The Law of Determinism | The same causes in the same circumstances produce always the same effect.
  • B2-123 The Law of Correspondence | That which is macro mimics that which is micro, that which is micro mimics that which is macro.
  • B2-321 The Law of Numbers | Numbers do not exist, it is emergent, and is a language that describes the fundamental aspects of reality.
  • B2-143 The Law of Time | Time does not exist, it is emergent, and the illusion of time is simply the change of the universe as all constructs interact with each other.
  • B2-545 The Law of Infinite Universes | There’s an infinite number of possibilities for universes the can, and do exist.
  • B2-167 The Law of Synthesis | Everything can be split down into multiple opposing characteristics that in body a little bit of each other.
  • B2-888 The Law of Cycles | This law states that everything moves in cycles, and processes, events, or phenomena will eventually repeat themselves at certain times.
  • B2-201 The Law of Identity | Everything has its own unique characteristics, which makes it the same and different as other constructs.
  • B2-303 The Law of Immortality | This law states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
  • B2-355 The law of elements | The physical universe, the whole cosmos and everything it contains, are all composed of mixtures of the four elements.
  • B2-505 The law of space | Everything must move within something and in relation to something.
  • B2-765The law of contrary nature | That which moves and that which is moved must have contrary (though not necessarily polar opposite) natures.

Laws of Magick:

  • C3-001 The law of magick | change can be done in conformity with your will.  
  • C3-002 The law of subtlety | Magick will always express itself in a subtle way and will have you fall into your manifestation and not just allow it to miraculously appear.
  • C3-022 The law of formulation | it takes intention, will, power, and action in order to reduce magical produce magickal results.  
  • C3-303 The Law of Intention | Our power is directed by our intention.
  • C3-344 The Law of Power | Everything in existence has power, which is the capacity to direct, or influence in a particular way behaviors, actions, and qualities of itself, or of other constructs, or entities.
  • C3-111 The Law of Action | The action is the process in which manifestation is accomplished. All actions manifest something.
  • C3-121 The Law of Continued Mundane Action | Move towards your desire with your action mundanely.
  • C3-134 The Law of Least Resistance | Constructs will always be manifested through the path of least resistance, unless intended to take a different route.
  • C3-137 The Law of Equivalent Exchange | The power must be equal or greater than the act that is being manifested.
  • C3-555 The Law of Emotions | Emotions can empower the will especially when they are strong and in line with your intention.
  • C3-453 The Law of Belief | Belief can be used as a tool in order to focus your will.
  • C3-998 Law of anti-supernaturalism all forms of magical acts are natural, and are not Supernatural or Preternatural.
  • C3-654 The Law of Added Wills | Entities that focus towards the same form of manifestation add to each other.
  • C3-876 The Law of Power Accumulation | More you do in order to bring forth your manifestation the stronger it will be.
  • C3-993 The Law of Association | Where two things have in common one, or more properties, then these properties can be used to control both of these things.
  • C3-999 The Law of Continuous Association | If a construct is associated with something else frequently, it’s association , and connection will build greater every time it is done.
    The Law of Identification | Entities that imitates, or identifies as another entity will take on characteristics of that entity.
  • C3-213 The Law Of Contiguity | Constructs that are close together, and that are linked by time, and/or space have power over each other.
  • C3-313 The law of Contagion | If something has contact with something else it will continue to have contact with it even after they are separated. 
  • C3-221 The Law of Similarity | Having an accurate representation of an entity, a place, or a thing will allow you to gain power, and control over the entity, place, or thing it represents.
  • C3-324 The Law of Names | If you know the name of an object, a being, or a process you will be able to control, and manipulate it.
  • C3-325 The Law of Words of Power | There are some words which hold power for certain people. Depending on what word it is, who it is spoken in front of, and who has spoken it. Can affect, manipulate, and control.
  • C3-323 The Law of Contrast | A construct is always associated, connected to, and will have power over any other construct that is seen as the exact contrast, or opposite to it.
  • C3-292 The Law of Positive Attraction | Energies are attracted to the same certain energy. 
  • C3-296 The Law of Negative Attraction | Energies that are the opposite of each other are attracted to each other. 
  • C3-256 The Law of Personification | By treating anything as a entity, or being, and considering it to be alive it will be easier to control, and work with.
  • C3-261 The Law of Knowledge | The more you know about something the more power you have over it.
  • C3-266 The Law of Self-Knowledge | Know yourself so you can have power over yourself.
    The Law of Consent | It is harder to act magick on people who do not consent to the magickal practice.
  • C3-235 The Law of Repeatable Achievements | It has been done once it can be done again as long as all the variables are exactly the same, or are exchanged with constructs with equivalent properties.
  • C3-343 The Law of Finite Senses | Entities are limited by range, and type of information they can perceive.
  • C3-744 The Law of Durability | Using items that are durable allow the power of the manifestation to be longer-lasting.
  • C3-773 The Law of Probability | You cannot manipulate the impossible to happen, you can only drag things to you that are at all likely.
  • C3-375 The Law of affect | The physical easily affects the physical, The mental easily affects the mental, and The spiritual easily affects the spiritual. The physical, the mental, and the spiritual can affect each other, but not as easily as themselves.
  • C3-376 The law of causes | Physical causes, mental causes, and spiritual causes all can produce magical effects.

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