Every individual has a divine aspect to themselves, and in the practice of Viadescioism we work on bringing that out. I refer to this divine aspect as a Skadayamasa. All entities, and constructs have a Skadayamasa but have not connected to a quite yet. This connection can be facilitated by honoring the divine aspect of the individual as you would another divinity.

This is a form of autotheism which is present inside of Viadescioism which works to allow the individual to recognize the divinity inside of themselves, and to honor it as well. This form of divine realization is not done in an egotistical way and is instead as a way of understanding the aspect of you, and how you can connect into existence. The understanding of your Divinity is not meant for you to demand worship, but it is to allow you to connect to your higher self by finding your aesthetic, value, connections, and what you have power over, in order to empower the whole of your being.

The uniqueness of individuals allows their essence to be expressed in very interesting ways especially when it is put to its maximum. Express your being and the potential of your dreams in it’s most essential form and honor it. You’re an aspect of existence connecting back to your divine nature pretty much through the understanding of what you are connected to. Create your own correspondences like you see the gods have so you can understand your true authentic self, and come into that shape.

Practitioners may choose to construct a Divinity altar in which your Divinity can come from and permeate. This would be filled with things that are connected to you, and would be a place in order for you to get in touch with your divinity. You would be able to construct one of these altars anyway and it could become a very important part of your practice.

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