The ethical code of Viadescioism also referred to as Arkaba is not meant to be upheld by all people, and it is Viadescioism’s philosophy for the closest way to live in a manner that is harmonious with Oxakna. Arkaba pushes us to think rightly, and to do rightly by Viadescioism in a certain context through the application of its virtues, and the avoidance of its vices.

Xaoxa | Apotheosis: Striving for the highest point in one’s development.
Abtxaoxa | Vice of Deficiency: Being in stagnation, and not growing.
Ackxaoxa | Vice of Excess: Losing one’s self in striving.

Najaar | Philosophia: Seeking knowledge, and Truth.
Abtnajaar | Vice of Deficiency: Being ignorant.
Acknajaar | Vice of Excess: Being stuck in one’s knowledge and holding it dogmaticly.

Umao | Eudaimonia: Well contentment.
Abtumao | Vice of Deficiency: Unwellness.
Ackumao |Vice of Excess: Hedonism.

A’jau | Philotimon: Walking up on the right path with respect, ambition, authenticity for yourself, and for all things.
Abta’jau | Vice of Deficiency: Disloyalty, Untrustworthiness, Disrespect.
Acka’jau | Vice of Excess: Respecting everything else too much and not having a balance in order to respect yourself.

Laarda | Isoropia: The middle way, and balance in all things.
Abtlaarda Vice of Deficiency: Injustice.
Acklaarda Vice of Excess: Radical centrism.

Tau | Sophrosyne: Temperance, patience, self-discipline, and self-confidence.
Abttau | Vice of Deficiency: Cowardice, fear, and a weak self.
Acktau | Vice of Excess: Recklessness, overconfidence, and narcissism.

Vadaska | Eleutheria: Freedom to acting, speaking, or thinking without restraint or hindrance.
Abtvadaska | Vice of Deficiency: Imprisonment.
Ackvadaska | Vice of Excess: Anarchy.

Davaabt | Humility: Modest or low view of one’s own importance.
Abtdavaabt |Vice of Deficiency: Pride and arrogant.
Ackdavaabt | Vice of Excess: Low self-esteem.

Xaeua | Agapi: Unconditional love for all things.
Abtxaeua | Vice of Deficiency: Hatred and Cruelty.
Ackxaeua | Vice of Excess: Toxic love.

Abtgha | Stoicism: Calmness, and stableness of body, mind, and spirit, while in all situations.
Abtabtgha | Vice of Deficiency: Libertinism.
Ackabtgha | Vice of Excess: Emotionless stoicism.

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