You could simply be one type, or you could be all of them my friend (except for the ones that kind of negate each other). These witch types are not concrete separations that you have to conform to, but are instead ways of showing what you work with, or things that you would be interested in working with you could be one of them, or you could be all of them. You could start out as one, and end up as another. You could create new ways of identifying, as you go along your path. They are not supposed to limit you, and are much more like identifiers for your practice, or some of the primary parts of your practice. Do not simply go looking for what type of witch you are my friend, but begin learning and finding out what you like to do in your practice. The titles and labeling your craft will come later as you begin to associate yourself with specific practices and understandings that you do. Like when I started out I never knew that I would be considered a Sigil witch, later in my practice, but as my practice grew from the understandings of energy work(energy manipulation) that I was practicing at the time I started to also work with sigils and eventually took on the title of sigil witch, when I started making sigils for this blog. If you feel that you identify with any of the types feel free to take them out as identifiers, and some identifiers may also be placed upon you depending upon if you fit into the definition. So as a new practitioner don’t worry about the titles, and find things that you enjoy doing, and that you want to be a part of your craft.  

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