Neopraxism not to be confused with “praxism” or “isopraxism” is the practice of creating a new practice that is different than other established traditions. I created the term Neopraxism in order to represent my practice Viadescioism, and other practices that were like it. Neopraxism is a combination of “Neo” meaning new, “praxi” meaning practice, and “ism” meaning a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy.

Rather than being a traditional, eclectic, or syncretic practitioner an individual could choose to be a  Neopraxic practitioner by going through the process of establishing their own tradition in which they would use as their foundation for their occult and esoteric practice. Neopraxism is a way of building your own foundation rather than using an established tradition, or using a collection of traditions in an eclectic or syncretic way. This is usually achieved through new and personal deities, and/or personal mysticism and spirituality which culminates in a practice that may be adjacent to, but not the same as other established traditions.

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