There’s many ways to go about practicing while hiding your craft, though you will probably have to shape your craft around things that are less noticeable. Because, of being hidden, you will not be able to have much tools, so you will have to figure out how to improvise, so that you will still be able to practice, while also not being found out.

  • You could practice sigil magick, which simply looks like doodles to other people.
  • You could practice kitchen magick, which to everyone else would look like you’re just getting into cooking.
  • You could practice energy work, because it does not take any tools and it’s pretty unnoticeable.
  • You would be able to meditate before bed by laying down like you were going to sleep, which would give you time to focus your mind without anyone being suspicious that you were doing it.
  • You could practice tea magick, but to everyone else it would look like you are just getting into tea, and it would give you herbs to work within your practice.
  • You could practice more forms of pop culture magick, which would make people think that you are just a big fan of a particular media.
  • You could get into crystal magick and tell everybody that you’re just into Gem and Crystal collecting and that they’re just pretty rocks.
  • You could learn how to Journey meditate, and practice your craft in an astral Temple.
  • You could get electric candles and tell people that you like them for mood lighting.
  • You could use the top of a dresser, or nightstand as an altar by putting all the things that have to do with your practice, and that are important to you there, to other people it would look like it was just a fancy dresser, or nightstand top.

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