Dasalamaxa is a form of divine presence in which is captured in specific places, people, and things throughout the many aspects of the world. It is brought on by a high amount of kna resulting in a powerful knama which can be sensed by individuals. A high amount of divineness which is a compression of all aspects of existence into a specific area in which it is being drawn to. These things are known as a conduit, and even though the presence of the divine is everywhere it is greatly exalted within these places, and is more easily available to access. It is a compression point within space, and time and is filled with a lot of kna, which is overwhelming physically, mentally, and spiritually. This divine presence can be felt as a sentimental longing, or wistful affection for spiritual, or religious awe-inspiring respect mixed with fear, or wonder, which is present within all aspects of the world, especially in significant places of nature, great wonders of the world, inside of yamasala, vaarla, or yamasa who are in an avatar state, or by things that are deified, or sacred, and their state of being throughout time.

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