Separated out from nothing.
Always existing.
The natural world stirring,
Flowing like water together.

Moving, changing, being as it is.
Dust flying through space,
Giving birth to new giants.

The dancing of the universe,
Pushing and pulling.
Free to do, free to be,
Free to do as it pleases.

The changing of being.
Freeing their forms.
Bringing balance to chaos.
Within this dark storm.

Striving and weaving.
The chords of us.
Shaping and forming.
The world we trust.
Essence upon Essence.
Mixing together.
True bonds that have been formed.
And can never be severed.

Time always ticking.
Never stopping, nor starting.
Beating like a heart.
For the universe in which it is watching.
Curving in upon itself,
To show you it’s being.
Time and space are a very interesting thing.

Before long came the sun.
With the moon by their side.
Drifting and binding to make galaxies in time.
Beautiful it is for these forces to mix.
Elements of Earth, fire, and wind.
There upon the rock.
Life took form.
Creating a new place that was soon to be transformed.

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