In order to do this all you are going to need to do is to move your body more so in a dancing matter, while visualizing your intention, and keeping that intention in your mind as you move.

During this process you may want to close your eyes, so you can focus harder on what is going on within you, while you are expressing yourself through movement.

This process can be done with or without music but regardless of which one you choose you should try to feel into the flow of what you can hear, and feel around you. Matching it and becoming one with the existence for the time the practice is going on. Move with your feelings, so that you’re able to express them and analyze them through your movements. It brings forth an altered state of consciousness in which you can choose to work from.

This process not only builds up kna around your intention, and can be used to power a spell, but it can also be a form of meditation. Connecting you with your Skadayamasa allowing you to become more connected to it. This is good for Spiritual and mental development much like other forms of meditation.

I usually start by making the Divine hand sign of Lavadakna the Sign of the Mind in order to unchain myself before the practice starts.

I also end the meditation with the same hand sign in order to ground myself back.
This practice can also be done to exhaustion in order to use one’s physical will and spiritual kna to a high degree in spell work.

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