“Hey! I heard a lot about grabovoi(sorry if I spelt it wrong) codes. Could anyone tell me about them and tell me if they works? Today was the first day I’ve heard of it and It seems cool. It’s popular among shifters and I think on tiktok and I know tiktok isn’t rlly trustworthy when it comes to that information so could anyone here tell me a bit about it?thanks!!” – Clown Boy on Amino

Hello my friend, from my understanding Grabovoi Grigori Numbers, or codes is a form of new age practice that is supposed to go through the act of manifesting things with the use of specific number codes much like new age affirmations in the same community. This is also connected to the radionics understandings. It was originally created by Grigory Grabovoy who has a huge record of being a spiritual healer fraud, and ended up doing some pretty awful stuff, and making plenty of not true claims.

I believe this practice definitely could be useful in someways much like how affirmations can be used in order to focus one’s mind and spirit on a specific topic and move energy towards them. Because of this I definitely do believe they work, and would work in the same way as affirmations, Emoji spells, and sigils, but with power variations because the codes don’t get charged.

The aspects of it are more connected to the love and light community which depending upon what they make codes for could end up making it toxic much like the affirmation community. And, I’ve already seen aspects of this being true in what I was exposed to. like people trying to use it to cure the codes Coronavirus.

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