So the reason that I changed my icon from the simple white and blue to the one with a half red and black is because it is used to symbolize what I’m feeling in my mental state presently. I feel my mental state is worsening, and I’m a little bit more unstable than I used to be. Because of this I feel like I’ve been separated in the two separate people even more than I did when I figured out about my genderfluidness, and I wanted to show that in my profile picture.

I primarily use the antimony symbols to represent myself or the individual in my practice, and this reminds me of antimony’s dual nature. Metaphysically antimony is more positive nature is connected with enlightenment and apotheosis, but it also has a more negative nature because the element antimony is also toxic. 

It reminds me of the Dual nature in everything and everyone and how there’s two sides to every coin.

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