question by artdefenses on tumblr: I have been curious to know about Satanism and Occultism, and every time I attempt to read something, I am stopped by a Christian mentality of “this bad, this is evil”. Now, I don’t have a past of being christian or going to church, these are (I think I can call) systematic beliefs the majority of people has. Did you guys experienced that? If yes, how did you reset your mind, so you could learn something new with a totally open mind?

wolf of antimony: Yes, I did experience this my friend when I was first getting into witchcraft and learning about other religions about 12 years ago now, after coming out of the Lutheran Christian Church. The way that I was able to overcome it was by listening to the people who practice rather than learning about the practice itself. This allowed me to build up a form of personhood with the people who were practicing allowing me to see them more as human, much like myself. I could relate with them, and could understand more so the underlying reasons why they do what they do. Once I saw that the people that practiced it warn’t “evil”, and that their practices had good intentions around them my subconscious allowed me to connect with the more closely. Allowing me to learn and even more greatly get rid of the wall that separates us.

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