For a little bit now while looking through sigil resources online I keep running into the sentiment that it’s dangerous to cast sigils that aren’t yours, and I wanted to talk about this along with some other sigil misconceptions that I keep seeing. Not only because I am a person who posts sigils online for individuals to use, but also because I feel like these are big misconception certain practitioners have about sigil magick.

“It’s dangerous to cast sigils that aren’t yours.”

This is what originally inspired this post in the first place so I’m going to talk about it first. Now a common understanding of this idea is that an online practitioner will post sigils with an intention, but when individuals go through the process of activating the sigil they manifest a different intention.

What I would like to say about this is that “who is doing this”. In all of my experience as a practitioner of magick for at this point what is 12 years I had yet to come in contact with any practitioner that is ever done this, but for some reason some people treat this as commonplace.

This actually reminds me of the whole idea of Halloween sadism. Which is another practice that is not common at all, but everyone happens to be quite scared of it. If you have any experiences of someone actually doing this I would love to hear about them my friends, because I have not been able to find anything.
Casting another person sigil is about as dangerous as using a spell or ritual created by another person, or simply learning magick from another individual. It’s taken in using what they have given you for your own purposes, and because you are a factor in it, and are a practitioner you have control over how you are going to use it. The sigil, the spell, the ritual is a tool in order to help you manifest change through the power of your mind, body, and spirit. You have more control over how things manifest, and all those things do is direct, and help give power.

“Sigils are stronger when you make them yourself.”

The answer here is actually yes, and no. Yes sigils do have the potential to be stronger if you make them yourself, but also sigils have the potential to be stronger when made by individuals who are more skilled than you in the process of sigilcraft. It’s not one, or the other, and both of them can be strong, or weak depending upon how you use them. If you do go through the process of creating your own sigil you will be able to put more of your own practice into those sigils allowing them to feel more connected to you, and to help you tap more so into your own power. That is definitely great, but you can also use sigils from other individuals, and get the same, or even better results. There’s a lot of factors that go into it. It’s not as simple as just going with your own sigil as stronger, because you were the one who created it.

“You can’t know for sure if those you find online are actually used for what they say they are.”

There are definitely magickal ways in which you can tell a sigil is made for a specific purpose. Such things as energy work, because you would be able to feel the energy, and see if it feels right to you, or you could go through the process of doing any form of divination, while asking about that sigil in particularly. Both of these methods will act like detect magic from Dungeons & Dragons, and will tell you exactly what is going on with the sigil by more so feeling into the sigilcraft via the sigil representation. You would also be able to look at the sigil, and it’s design to see if you could notice its purpose, though it would need to use specific sigil methods for this to be possible.

Another concept that is important to remember is that sigils are flexible. When a practitioner goes through the process of posting their sigil online, or release the sigil to the rest of the world in a different way the practitioner loses a form of control over the sigil much like all symbols, and it enters a collective consciousness. Because of this more individuals that go through the process of interacting with a sigil in a specific way help shape the way in which the sigil manifests.

For example let’s say an individual puts out a sigil that once charge, and activated it is supposed to open up a portal so that negative spiritual entities can enter your space, and they disguise it as a sigil for protection. Individuals that go through the process of charging, and activating it along with individuals who come in contact with it are going to give some of their power to the sigil for protection which will most likely override its original intention. This is because the aspects of sigilcraft is usually not as strong as the actual power, and intention placed into the sigil during the charging process, and it will change the sigil starting with that sigil representation do to the law of frequency. Much like the reprogramming of a thought-form.

Now could an individual actually put out fake sigils in a way in which they would retain their power while also being disguised. Yes, it could definitely happen, but the practitioner would need to take into account many different things, and would probably be a little bit more skilled, so this definitely wouldn’t be a very common practice. It would also be a lot of effort for something that probably isn’t too great, and doesn’t provide much of anything. So if it is happening it’s not happening a lot, and because it’s most likely not too common it’s not worth worrying about.

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