Skakna (Energy System) is the energetic system, and the word itself means spirit. Skakna is all of the Madaqa Kna (spiritual energy) in which an individual has, and interacts with. In the understanding of Libratumilera the energetic body is a fluid mass that exists in line with the mind, and body of an individual, usually molding to the shape of the individuals body, and moving and reaching out based on where the mind is focused.

Madaqa Kna flows throughout this spiritual mass connecting with the spiritual energy of things around you, and other things that are connected to you in spiritual ways. Everyone’s Skakna is different, because of what it is connected to, and what is interacting with it. Skakna can be more open or closed, if the Skakna is open energy will flow more smoothly, if the Skakna is closed energy will not flow. If it is open too much you will become ungrounded, if it is close you will feel completely detached from everything else, because all of your spiritual connections will be momentarily shut down. 

Madaqa Kna will come down through your connection to the Madaqa (spiritual world). Below the Skakna it is also connected to the physical body, material world, planet, and the spirit of the land. The Skakna is in charge of your spiritual perception, spiritual communication, feeling and manipulating Madaqa Kna, centering and grounding, connecting to other individuals and constructs, and the storing of Madaqa Kna.

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