An A’dakna is a man-made pile or stack of stones. In Viadescioism a’dakna ona are usually constructed, and used in places of power in order to draw down kna from above, and below, and to represent pathfinding, balance, and being. Because of this connection to above, and below they store kna which can be used in magickal workings, and act as a way of centering, and grounding energy which can be drawn from. A’dakna ona are also considered to be caga that are created by the practitioner, and have anthropomorphic qualities. They also have a connection to death and rebirth and have been known to attract masakna ona, samakna ona and yamasa ona. They may even be dedicated to some of these entities and are primarily used to create knala ona

In order to create one all you must do is stack rocks, or make a pile of rocks. Then place your hand on the top, and call for the divine Madaqa. Then place your hand on the base, and call for the divine Sadaqa. Finally place your hand at the middle, and call for the divine Ladaqa. Draw, and say the ravens of Ska and Kna, and push through both of the sigils. This will activate the A’dakna. The A’dakna will return back to stones after it’s been knocked over, and it will release all of the kna in which it has stored.

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