Asemic writing is a form of random, wordless, non readable writing that is more a form of random marks that take the form of what we could assume is a written language without the aspect of language. This can be used in magick in order to act as a way of implanting will in a physical form upon a surface. Once written out the asemic writing holds power given to it during the writing process, and can be further charged, and activated much like a sigil in order to be used in magickal working.

This is different from a sigil due to the fact that its sigilization process is very quick and that for the most part it is not re creatable. This primarily leads to all forms of asemic works to be unique to their working, and pretty much an image of the will of the practitioner at the moment of creating it, which will be focused around a specific intention. The asemic writing allows you to direct energy through the positioning of it and it can be placed around sigils, and other markings in order to empower them.

In order to create asemic writing the individual should focus intently in their mind on what they would like to bring forth, then with that greatly infix within the mind begin to strikeout mark’s that look like you’re trying to write something without writing anything. Form the words, and letters with your will, and intention in order to mark the page with it.


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