There is a pretty common misunderstanding in witchcraft around blowing out candles in which say that it is bad to do because it is disrespectful to the element of fire. This understanding originally came out of neo wicca, and it has no basis on metaphysics, but it is surprising to see that it is still so relevant. It really makes no difference how you extinguish a candle, and It is impossible to go through the process of disrespecting an element, due to the fact that elements are simply aspects of the world, and are building blocks of nature that can’t really be disrespected. If anything would be disrespected in the act of blowing out a candle it would be connected to the tradition in which the ritual is taking place, and would only need to be done by people of that tradition, or who are who are practicing in that tradition way.


  1. Honestly, I would really like your blogs available on pdf format because I really think your argument is Solid.- Aka ‘The Great Light’ who lives throughout everything and helps manage Creation.

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  2. I just wanna say thank you for sharin you knowledge with the world.
    I these days it is important that the human family of mother earth come to together to fight the agenda that some people who think they G♾D,brought all over us.May the great spirit of the universe be with you🙏♾Namaste♾🙏


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