Shoaling sigils is the act of casting multiple sigils with intentions that work together in order to manifest your desire. Understanding of Shoaling sigils comes from the understanding of how fish Shoal in the ocean, and is a way of using multiple sigils for the same intention. By doing this your Shoal will be a lot stronger than charging, and activating a single sigil normally. In order to do this all you are going to need is multiple different sigils with intentions that play off of each other. A Shoal usually uses 3 sigils or more, but you are also able to change out different sigils in the Shoal, while you are using it. This can be used in order to change your manifestation on-the-fly as the situation changes. When you Shoal sigils you are also able to use a directing sigil also known as a RoboFish in order to direct how all of the sigils in the Shoal are going to manifest. This will allow your manifestation to be faster and will give you better control over the power of your shoal, much like a controller for it. The robofish should be constructed from a statement of intent regarding something very likely to happen. this is so the manifestation of this Shoal can be kicked off by one of the sigils working. you do not need to use a directing sigil.

Next you will have to turn all of the statements of intent into sigils and then draw them upon individual pieces of paper.

You’re going to need to find a place in order to lay down the sigils, while you’re using them.

Charge every single sigil individually using any form of charging method. after you charge them place them face up.

If you activate your Shoal passively you are going to allow the sigils to remain face up in that position until your manifestation comes to fruition. find a place in which you can keep your shoal. try to keep it somewhere where you are able to see it. This is also where you can change in, and out other sigils in order to manifest your will in different ways as the situation changes. Simply charge and activate another sigil and added to the grouping, or remove one of the sigils and destroy it. if you keep them together like this you may want to charge them regularly

If you are going to activate your Shoal actively once you have all of your sigils charged, and activated simply go through the process of destroying all of them starting with the directing sigil or Robofish. This will release them all out at once to manifest your desire but you will have no more control over the Shoal after you do this. The power of the shoal will eventually dissipate.

Example of sigil intentions for a protection shoal
I clean my house (directing sigil)
my house Wards away thieves
my house will not burn down
negative Spirits are not allowed to enter this area

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