As the divines of Viadescioism are aspects of existence each individual one of them has their own sort of pure domain within it. I refer to these as the divine realms. Realms meaning places within existence, and divines referring to the yamasa ona the divinities of my practice. These divine realms are found within an individual, or can also be found in knala ona of nature which can be found throughout the world, or in sacred places. The knala are conduits which are places in which have high amounts of divine kna that are connected to a specific divine, and can be constructed or can be found in nature. 

Divine Realms are different than knala ona because knala ona are the physical places, and the Divine Realms are internal mental, or spiritual worlds in which an individual can enter when they come in contact with the kna of a yamasa.

The divine realms are filled with the pure essence of the kna of the yamasa ona, and are places where you only experience them. These places are entered by the focusing on the yamasa either within the mind, or when in the spiritual plane. This is usually done within a meditative state, and from here an individual can be within the knala in order to connect with the kna of the divine. this gives the individual a direct connection to the pureness of the Divine allowing them to gain power from them and to learn from their teachings.

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