Magick, as I would define it, is the art of change in conformity with will, which is much like it was for Aleister Crowley. Though, I would not consider magick a science as he did. For what I have found, science is a systematic methodology which specifically uses the scientific method to falsify information, which is more closely to what Karl Popper thought about science. But I would still consider it an art, as art is an expression of being. Magick is change, it is the becoming of things into new things, and us leading that change through our will. This change can be brought on through any form such as the Ladaqa, the  Madaqa, and/or the Sadaqa, and is a setting forth of an individual’s skaknao into the world to cause that change where it will interact with the rest of the existence’s kna. This expression of an individual’s art which moves aspects of their existence in order to create change through what they will to be so is what magick is.

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