Kna is the intrinsic substance of the existence that is found to be the essence of everything on every level. This substance is present within and makes up all things as it flows through, and makes up all constructs like waves inside of an ocean. Oxakna is like the ocean; kna is the water. Skaknao ona are the waves, and bigger waves consist of more of the divine nature of existence. It is important to remember that kna does not behave like particles but is more like a wave, and the kna expresses itself in many different forms, and when we are enlightened to its nature, it can be work with into acting out one’s will.

Kna expresses itself differently in different situations to make up different forms. It in itself is a lot like the forms of vital energy in which you find from various cultures, and places though it does not have a life kna component to it as it is more a unit of being which is constantly becoming through its expression. This kna is constantly being interacted with by you, and all other individuals and by taking the time to become connected to it and learn how it works you will be able to work with aspects of existence themselves.

Working with kna is the basis for Viadescioism as it is essentially everything just usually thought about in different forms, which is why it is primarily the root word for a bunch of other concepts in Viadescioism such as the main divine Oxakna, or the skaknao, which is the collective parts of an entire individual. This understanding of kna is close to the understanding of spiritual kna in other traditions. Still, it is different as this understanding includes more than just spiritual kna, as it refers to the mental, physical, and spiritual essence, which is present within the whole of existence.

Kna has been present within existence from the beginning, and it has been endlessly transforming from one state to another depending on its expression. It cannot be created or destroyed because existence is a closed system, and Kna is the first of all things. Kna flows through everything and is also the thing that connects everything, and it makes up all being and is the building block of all existence.

Kna has different densities which will determine what level of existence it is on. Sadaqa is Kna at a very low density, while Madaqa is at a much higher density. Kna will always follow individuals will though as it lowers in density, and becomes denser, and more physical less control an individuals will has over it.

Any form of the divine has the potential to manipulate kna as it is an aspect of themselves. We are all a part of oxakna, and a person who has genuinely mastered their connection to all kna has mastered all of their actions, and we’ll be able to put themselves fully into any movement expressed within the world.

Kna is everything, and it is all one thing treated as parts flowing from construct to construct, and entity to entity. Multiple canvases stacked upon each other where everything is connected, and is one stretching on throughout all of existence. Only being separated by the differences in state, and density of the same substance which is not really a separation at all, because it is kna the Divine Essence of Oxakna the whole of existence.

Kna is the concepts present within the existence. It expresses itself in many different ways in order to give life to their forms.
Damakna, Dasakna, and the elements change through expression, movement, and relativity. Kna chooses to express itself in many different ways, it flows from state to state, and can only be perceived completely relative to other things.


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