Kna, though I usually translate it to energy it means a lot more than that. kna is the intrinsic substance of the existence that is found on every level. this substance is present within and makes up all things as it flows through and makes up all constructs like waves inside of an ocean. Expressing itself differently in different situations in order to make up different forms. It in itself is a lot like the different forms of vital energy in which you find from various cultures and places though it does not have a life energy component to it as it is more a unit of being which is constantly becoming through its expression. This kna is constantly being interacted with by you and all other individuals and by taking the time to become connected to it and learn how it works you will be able to work with aspects of existence themselves.

Working with kna is the basis for my entire practice as it is essentially everything just usually thought about in different forms and ways, which is why it is primarily the root word for a bunch of other concepts in my practice such as the main divine Oxakna, or the skaknao which is the collective parts of an entire individual.

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