The whole of a Oxakna is naturally neutral. It is not good, nor evil. It seeks out for Nostalgia, pleasure, and desire while trying to avoid regret, pain, and fear.

Individuals will always strive for their own pleasure this does not mean it has to be positive for them in the moment, or at all. It just has to fulfill a certain aspect of pleasure to them, because of this there are no forms of selfless acts, and every individual seeks for themselves in their own personal way. This is not a bad thing as it is simply inherent in every action an individual does, and is an observation of nature much more like determinism rather than a moral failing. Each individual has their own idea of what they want out of life. There are a multitude of ways in which people feel pleasure. This is because people each have their own set of values or beliefs that they live by, which is what their pleasure is dependent on.

Nostalgia, pleasure, and desire come from things in which the individual loves, or believes they love. Nostalgia is love for the past, pleasure is love for the present, and desire is love for the future. Love is a form of attraction, and is the force that brings things together.

Regret, pain, and fear come from things in which the individual hates or believes they hate. Regret is hate for the past, pain is hate for the present, and fear is hate for the future. Hate is a form of repulsion, and is the force that breaks things apart.

Individuals will be attracted to things in which they love, and will be repulsed by things in which they hate. If a situation is a mixture of love, and hate whichever one has a higher net positive will win out, and will decide the person’s decision. These situations will also take into consideration the past, and future, and the love and hate that will be generated in those places.

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