For God does exist, but not in the way in which we commonly think about them. For centuries we have been trying to prove God’s existence the existence of a God in which represents our christianized understanding of divinity, which has led to the stagnation of such queries. We looked to the sky for a man sitting on a throne transcendent, and separate from ourselves. An individual who could create, and was the cause of all things, while trying to have our best interests at heart. Humanity has placed a lot of things upon God, breaking apart what they are meant to be muddling the definition without explaining more so why or what God is.

Oxakna, as it is understood by viadescioism is being. Supreme being. The essence of existence that is.

It is all-encompassing, because anything that can be interacted with or has a form of essence is a being.

It is omniscient, because it is all things, and therefore contains all the knowledge of those things.

It is infinite, because Infinities exist such as time, and the number line.

It is all powerful, because it is all that could be described as powerful.

There is not too much things that we can be certain of in this world, but one thing that we can be is that in some way we exist, and that existence is Oxakna. There is no being that could be more Supreme than existence itself as it is all of the being in the world, and its potential.

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