We feel that everything that we see, touch, hear or smell is real. We feel that our existence and all its aspects are real, because we experience them. All of these feelings, and experiences are true and refer to reality. What is reality? Fundamentally, reality is the state of things as they actually exist, and anything that is in line with reality can be considered real. Everything that you think feel, or see is real, because of it being in anyway means that it has some form of substance whether that be spiritual, physical, or mental, and it is only it’s fixed, fluid, and flux ness that is called into question. Everything that can be interacted with, or conceived is real, and exists within reality. It is impossible to interact or conceive of something that doesn’t exist, as when you interact with, or conceive it it becomes real. The mind is fluid, the body is fixed, and spirit is flux. This ties the mind, body, and spirit together through their attachment in the way in which they formed the inner, and outer worlds. Because of that all fixed aspects of existence are going to be physical, all fluid aspects are going to be mental, and all spiritual aspects are going to be flux. This means the different canvases of existence appear to be real in different ways, but all are a part of existence. For nothing can be outside of existence.

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